Mission of the Satan

22 Feb 2017 16:59

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Islam is the best religion and it will provide you to search the real and fact about the Islam. Satan is the great enemy of the Islam. Satan want to distract the human and then with the Lord who is most compassionate. Allah is the lord who give you everything what you can’t imagine and whenever you pray he accepted but whenever your prayers will not listen and not answered then those prayers are saved for the hereafter. Satan want to make Muslims ungrateful and hopeless. In the greatest Quran in verse Satan said I will come to catch Muslims from the up side, from the down side, from the right side and also from the left side and they are the people who are most who are unthankful to the Lord. He wants from the human that misbehave and fight with each other. They kill each other. This is the worst time of the world when we are facing a lot of difficulties, we found the people who has all type of bad habits and bad things and all evils deeds from the destroyed nations of the Prophets we have. In this time this is very difficult for the Muslim to fight with the Satan and all these evils deeds but Our Lord is the greatest and he said he will forgive his manhood who repent with the true heart. When Muslims go for the hajj they hit the Satan with stones. In the month of the Ramadan Muslims also come for the umrah with the package of the Best 5-star Luxury Hotels Family Umrah Package in September With Luxury Hotels 2017 because in the month of the Ramadan he is in the prison of the God and human can ask more blessing and repentance from the God. In that month of the Ramadan you will rewarded too much if you are offer the holy obligations and you treat with people in the good sense and you earn good deeds then this is your success that you become God happy.

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